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NY-based Bee Children channel the do-it-yourself attitude of the 1960s and the indie spirit of the 1980s into original music that is impassioned, cerebral, and atmospheric.

Created as an acoustic folk-pop project, the band’s sound has evolved over the past half-decade into a more ambitious, electric mix that showcases their post-punk, new wave, synth-pop and college radio influences.

Words of hope, melancholia, and empowerment combine with complex soundscapes that alternate between light and dark, past and present.

The band released its debut album, Veranophonic, in 2015, and followed it up with 2018’s Gather the Exiles, a collection of nine songs headlined by the propulsive, inspiring “Get Free.” The video for the song was filmed live at the legendary Java Barn. 

The band has played in a range of venues from intimate acoustic spaces and local bars to music hot spots and regional concert series and festivals.

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We are currently booking gigs for 2019. We’re happy to provide a tech rider and/or stage plot upon request. If you’re interested in booking us for a show, or if you’d like to request other information about Bee Children, please visit out Contact page.